Latest Infographics trends for 2023

March 29, 2023
Since the design industry is constantly changing, it’s essential to stay up to date on the latest trends in the industry.

This philosophy influenced IU Marketing’s annual roundup of graphic design trends. Even though the piece is popular, we knew there was more to say about infographics, especially as many businesses, institutions, and brands take advantage of their incredible storytelling potential.

To give the category its due, we’ve compiled a list of seven infographic design trends and data visualization forecasts for 2023—complete with infographics!

1. Bright color schemes

Regardless of the gloomy weather, the infographics of 2023 will likely feature many bright colors. Brands have been using the color psychology of highly saturated tones to create designs that appeal to the senses everywhere we’ve looked.

2. Animated infographics

We found that motion graphics would dominate new creative assets in our roundup of design trends for 2023. Their dynamic movement would influence everything from social feeds to UX designs.

Infographics aren’t any different! Recent years have seen a rise in the popularity of animated data visualizations, which provide viewers with a brand-new method for gaining insights from the data.

3. Vintage Vibes

The pandemic significantly impacted the design industry, as the number seven trend in our roundup of graphic design trends pointed out. After all, COVID made us long for simpler, more familiar times, and designers responded by bringing back a lot of vintage styles.

4. Personalized data

Two leading players emerge when looking at this year’s most shared and popular infographics. In addition, neither required flattening the curve, unlike 2020 and 2021!

Pay attention to the one thing they have in common: Personal data are reimagined and the results are visualized in a novel and memorable way in both cases.
As a result, in 2023, expect data visualizations to tell our own stories, especially given the increasing amount of personal data we have access to.

5. Gradients galore

If gradients aren’t your thing, you should embrace them. because gradual color blends are currently popular. Any part of your design can be made to stand out with just a little light-bending and color-blending action.

6. Creative lines

It will continue to significantly impact the infographics of 2023 as both an aesthetic choice and a method of visualizing data.

7. Data visualization

Our final stop on this list of infographic trends is one you will want to take advantage of, especially if you like a design for innovation.

The production of highly artistic data visualizations has increased tenfold in recent years, thanks to advancements in data collection and generative design technology. Information designers are taking bar graphs and charts to new heights, manipulating them into genuine works of art.
The seven most important trends in infographic design and data visualization for 2023 are now available.

As we have seen, prominent businesses, publications, and brands have already begun incorporating these styles to remain ahead of the curve—and you can, too! Use any of the 100% customizable infographics listed to experiment with a few of these upcoming trends, or visit our IU Marketing webpage for more ideas.

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