How to make engaging video content

April 18, 2023
There is an abundance of content on the internet, and marketers who think outside the box win. You need to learn how to engage your audience with engaging videos in order to reach the adage “peak.”

Check out our top suggestions for making engaging video content from IU Marketing that can boost your brand.

1. Create outstanding video titles and descriptions

Marketers frequently refer to SEO when discussing video titles and descriptions. It’s always about how to improve ranking by optimizing video titles and descriptions.

Engagement is also influenced by title and description. A user’s attention is drawn to two elements: the title and the thumbnail.

Most people believe that a video’s title can make or break it.

The keyword must also be included for SEO purposes. At the same time, attempt to make the title alluring and fascinating.

2. Choose the kinds of videos that best fit your niche

There are four kinds of videos that are popular on social media. Let’s look at each one briefly and talk about how to make them interesting.

a. Explainer Video

These are brief recordings that make sense of the brand, item, or administration you offer. Additionally, explainer videos provide solutions to the problems that the intended audience faces.

You will have the best opportunity to connect with your viewers through this kind of video. That is on the grounds that you reveal what you do and furthermore, the way in which you plan to serve the watchers.

b. Tutorial Video

After watching tutorial videos, 95% of viewers retain the information. That is the reason individuals love watching instructional exercise recordings.

The tutorial video is one of the best three types of videos. By showing the crowd a few important abilities you’re acquiring brand mindfulness, showing your mastery, and building trust.

c. Videos of Questions and Answers

Instead of visiting the FAQ page, why not hear directly from the horse? You can support the validity and construct trust by addressing your crowd’s inquiries.

If you can do it in a live session, even better. Make a series of videos if a single video cannot answer all the questions.

3. With your video strategy, be flexible

A video that does well on one platform might not do so well on another.

Different social media platforms require different things. These platforms’ users also have different preferences. Before launching videos, you should be aware of these differences. Utilizing social media management tools, you can then schedule videos to distribute to various platforms.

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