Get the Proper Hosting with a Great Domain from IU Marketing

May 3, 2023
While sending off a website, it is judicious to choose India’s most affordable web hosting service through exhaustive exploration. Web-hosting services offer space on their servers for facilitating sites and assist organizations with becoming open on the web.

IU Marketing with Hostinger offers trustworthy web hosting services in India at an unbelievable cost. Plans for shared hosting start at $1 per month, and they come with enough bandwidth for 5000 visitors and free weekly backups.

Usually, you have to back up your website on your own or pay for it, but IU Marketing gives you that peace of mind for free.

The Premium Shared Hosting plan costs $2 per month and is the most popular choice. This allows you to make up multiple websites and host the bulk of the guests. You are going to get a free a-year domain and a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate to secure your website.

The Premium Shared Hosting plan includes 100 GB of SSD storage, which is more than adequate for most website material. Would it be better if you wanted more space and upgraded to one of our VPS or cloud-facilitating plans?

IU Marketing utilizes a control board that is user-friendly and straightforward to navigate due to the appealing and well-organized navigation icons. It also has an auto-installer that makes it simple to install WordPress or other content management systems.

Our dedicated WordPress dashboard on the control board is yet another fantastic feature.

Now comes the unavoidable domain name. IU Marketing can assist you in choosing the domain name also for your newly developed website and provide you with the .in and .org domains. You can have these with a very affordable budget, just like the hosting one.

So, connect with IU Marketing today to get the hosting and domain name services in India with experienced hands.

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