What is PPC: Know from the industry-best PPC Marketing firm

March 17, 2023
PPC is an abbreviation for pay-per-click, a digital advertising strategy in which the advertiser pays a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Essentially, you’re paying for tailored website traffic (or landing page or app). When PPC works properly, the fee is insignificant because the click is worth more than what you spend for it. For example, if you pay $3 for a click that leads to a $300 sale, you’ve earned a tidy profit.

PPC ads come in a variety of shapes and sizes (literally) and can contain text, images, videos, or a mix of the three. They can be found on search engines, websites, social media networks, and other places.

How do pay-per-click ads work?
PPC advertising appears different on each platform, but the general process is as follows:

● Choose a campaign type depending on your goal.
● Refine your targeting and parameters (audiences, devices, locations, schedule, etc.).
● Provide your budget as well as your bidding plan.
● Enter your target URL here (landing page).
● Create your post.

How does PPC function in Google Ads?
When advertisers create an ad, they select a set of keywords to target and put a bid on each keyword. So, if you bid on the keyword “pet adoption,” you are telling Google that you want your ad to appear for searches that are similar to or connected to pet adoption (more on keyword match types here). Google decides which ads show for any given search using a set of formulas and an auction-style process. If your ad is accepted into the auction, it will first assign you a Quality Score from one to ten based on the relevance of your ad to the keyword, your anticipated click-through rate, and the quality of your landing page.

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