What is Guest posting and how does it play a key role in SEO?

March 17, 2023
With the dramatic increase in the number of internet users in recent years, everyone is looking for ways to sell and buy products from the comfort of their own homes, and Social Media Marketing or SMM or Digital Marketing has shaken the market platforms and changed its techniques for the benefit of people. You must have come across things like Guest posts or blogs while learning or executing marketing tactics for your business or to attain your goals. Let’s presume we all are familiar with the term “Guest posting”. But what does it all mean? Starting from comprehending the concept itself, “Guest posting”. It means writing and publishing on another blogger’s blog or website to gain backlinks for your own business or blog. See the importance of Guest Posting with IU Marketing 1. Increased website traffic: Guest posts and their backlinks result in increased traffic to your website or business. Attracted traffic is a good sign that website visitors will become potential customers if the correct content is offered. 2. Audience relationship: A good guest post acts as an advertisement on the website and aids in creating linkages and relationships that will help you reach your goals by exchanging services. 3. Brand awareness: As the number of customers or viewers grows, the brand or business will undoubtedly become more well-known to both old and new consumers or viewers. 4. Affordability: If you own or are considering owning a business, you may be on a limited budget. So, through guest blogging, you can save up to 90% of your marketing budget and use that resource in another way that benefits your organization. 5. Increased sales: Interesting guest articles, a good number of backlinks, and a high brand awareness will provide authenticity, qualified traffic, an increase in sales, and a high level of lead retention to your organization. Characteristics of a High-Quality Guest Post ● Create a brief author bio that includes a link to your website. ● Make an effort to provide at least one internal link to your blog posts. ● Incorporate a call-to-action at the end of the content, allowing readers to leave comments or queries after reading. The more comments and shares your content receives, the more likely it will be discovered by search engines. ● Promote the guest post on your social media networks once it has been published to create traffic and backlinks for you and the host. ● Please do not flee because you have published a guest post; instead, track its performance using Google Analytics. Are you interested in guest posting now? Connect with us for the best!

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