How to do keyword research: A guide from IU Marketing

March 17, 2023
The core of SEO is keywords. If you’re new to SEO, you might ask what keyword research is and why it’s crucial. Know every vital of keywords and how to research keywords from IU Marketing. What exactly is keyword research? Keyword research is identifying essential search terms that your target customers use to find products, services, and information on search engines like Google. Why Is Keyword Research Important in SEO? A search engine is a system for retrieving information based on the queries a user enters to obtain an answer or relevant information to their search query. Google’s primary goal is to link users with the best answer to their queries and the most excellent website page to satisfy them. Understanding this emphasizes SEO. A company’s ability to interact with its potential consumers and audience is built on good keyword research. Understanding this aids in comprehending a good SEO strategy. Techniques of keyword research: Create a list of “seed” keywords Seed keywords serve as the beginning point for your keyword research. Developing seed keywords is simple if you already have a product or business that you want to market online. Consider what consumers will enter into Google to find your offer. If you offer coffee and coffee-making equipment, for example, your seed keywords could be: ● coffee ● cappuccino ● French press User Intent The result that a user expects to receive when they search for a query is referred to as user intent. User intent will be mentioned frequently in keyword research because it is one of the most significant components in the process. User intent is crucial in two ways. First, while designing content and pages for a website, your primary goal is to present a user with the information they want to know. Second, while serving results pages, Google analyses relevancy (as we said above, they want to deliver the best result for a query). As a result, the more your page matches user intent, the higher it may rank. Relevancy When Google decides which pages to show in search results, the algorithm examines other pages users click on for that query. The other results on a search result page can provide a strong indication of user intent. Examining a query’s search results page should be part of your research process for any keyword you want to explore. Keywords with long tails Long-tail keywords are so named because they fall to the right of the search demand curve, resembling a long tail stretching to the right. Long-tail keywords are beneficial to include in a keyword strategy because they are typically much easier to rank for and achieve for a new website. The aggregate volume of numerous long-tail keywords adds to significant focused traffic. This method is far more reliable than concentrating on a single high-volume confusing term.

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