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Founded in 2020, IndiaUdhyog and IU Marketing (Unit of Anadi Intermesh LLP) is one of the leading B2B and B2C companies in India. We aim to provide our clients with growth-oriented online marketing strategies and data-driven web marketing services to increase organic traffic, leads, and business revenue. Our main goal is to expand small businesses’ digital reach, so they can compete in the digital market and raise their exposure, so they can stand out from the crowd. IU Marketing is a cutting-edge strategy to get more potential customers to your website, convert them into leads to sales, and enhance the expansion of your company.


Our developers will talk to you and understand your take out on the website. They will ask you what you think should be there on the website and plan accordingly.


Presentation and Price are two of the most important ‘P’s. Our designers will provide you an absolutely breathtaking website that you can easily afford!


We have a bunch of talented content writers who will help us make a wonderful website for your use.

Web Development

Web development is one of the most important and needed sections of digital marketing, as the eyes of the audience are the first target here. Get the highest quality website development, including HTML, CSS, JAVA, and PHP designs that will speak from IU Marketing. Dominate your target market from today.

UI/UX Design

User Interference and User Experience (UX) are simultaneously connected. Your website viewers can join you more frequently when they can connect with the website quickly, and they can interfere with your products/services. Get top-notch UI/UX Designs from IU Marketing to provide your viewers with the best.

Digital Marketing

This is a digital generation and here if you want to succeed in any business then you must have the most strong and most updated digital marketing techniques to roll on. We are the best company that provides top-class digital marketing with visible ROI that can change your company’s future.lead generator in iu marketing.

Product Design

Designing a product is the top priority of any company as it is an actual section to show to the audience. Get your target-market fully covered with the latest product design and technology with us that can speak the difference.

Branding & Illustration

Your Branding and Illustration design will say how creative you are. The best Illustration can attract the best viewers. Get the best graphics design from IU Marketing and find your website all-time engaged with organic viewers with top branding.

Mobile Solutions

Get all your website and technical jobs done with the top-professionals way so that it could be mobile friendly too. We provide the best mobile solutions so that your customer can interact directly with you without any critical handful technologies.

App Development

Applications are the second important section after digital marketing. If you are capable to make high-notch applications that support any device, then you will be the gainer. We have the best team to deliver the most updated app development services.

Email Marketing

Using emails to communicate fundraising or marketing messages to an audience, email marketing is a type of marketing. Email marketing can be applied to any letter delivered to clients, past or present. Email marketing gives a personal touch and is an improbable technique to increase consumer numbers.

Hosting & Domain

iu marketing is the best hosting company in the world. Our award-winning customer service and state-of-the-art technology make us the perfect choice for your business.A cloud server gives the business user stability and security because any software problems are isolated from your environment.

Unlock Revenue Growth for Your Business

The key objective of IU Marketing is to build, promote and increase brand awareness through organic and white-hat SEO. Our services include a wide variety of marketing strategies, creative graphics, and generating positive leads to your website. Our mission is to help your business grow with the best marketing strategies.

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